28th February, Leeds | 20th March, London

Breakout sessions

We will be running six fantastic breakout sessions at Women into Leadership Healthcare. In order to allow delegates to tailor their day around their own needs and aspirations, everyone in attendance will be invited to sign up to their choice of breakout sessions.

Delegates will be invited to attend 3 of the 6 sessions on offer:

A or B:

Breakout session A

Presenting with impact: building confidence with communicating (beginners)

"It’s not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages" - William Carlos Williams (American Poet).

In this session “Presenting with Impact”, Cath Baxter uses her extensive experience as Head of Voice at one of the UK’s leading drama schools to deliver tools that resonate in the business world. Her audience will experience the 5 essential steps that will quickly add greater impact to their verbal and physical communication, and allow them to develop their public speaking skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Speaker: Cath Baxter, Professional Voice & Public Speaking Coach and Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Breakout session B

Change in action: women supporting, leading and surviving change

This will be an interactive session that takes a brief look at the cycles of change in the wider NHS and public sector, the demands, impact and support implications of those change programmes and what we can learn to ensure we are better placed to support, lead and survive change now and in the future. There will be an opportunity during this session to sign-up to more detailed qualitative research being commissioned on the impact on organisations, teams and individuals of continuous exposure to change, and how we use that evidence to support safe system transformation and change for the future.

Speaker: Sheree Axon, Director of Organisational Change and Programme Delivery, NHS England

Speaker: Jo Spear, National Officer - London South and the South East Coast, MIP

C or D:

Breakout session C

Mastering Vocal Impact:  finding your full voice (intermediate-advanced, or as a follow on from session A)

Our voice is our primary means of communicating our ideas. We can, however, underestimate its power and flexibility.  In this session participants will explore fun, practical exercises that will enable everyone to develop their vocal potential.  Participants will explore how they can find more resonance, colour and impact with their voice.  Whatever the vocal demands of your job, this session will give you the tools to find more vocal and physical authority, conviction and strength and resilience.  This session builds on the fundamentals explored in the "Presenting with Impact" session. Although not essential, participants ideally will have attended one of Cath Baxter's previous WIL sessions.

Speaker: Cath Baxter, Professional Voice & Public Speaking Coach and Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Breakout session D

100 years of suffrage, but so what: has equalities legislation really helped women?

This session will cover the folowing topics:

  1. Brief outline of equalities legislation (relating to women especially) since 1918
  2. Historical challenges and current issues – e.g. #metoo, maternity discrimination, gender pay gaps etc with a focus on equal pay
  3. Discussion on identifying, challenging and remedying inequalities/discrimination – leading by example

SPEAKER: Nicola Lee, National Officer, Royal College of Nursing

E or F: 

Breakout session E

Resilience and Mental Wellbeing: performing during times of stress

Consider the many roles you fulfil in your day-to-day life and the various challenges these present.  When you’re feeling resourceful and resilient you’re better able to skilfully navigate and steer through adversity and overcome setbacks.  This engaging and interactive bite-size session will build your awareness of how to optimise your real-time resilience, allowing you to feel happier, more motivated and ultimately more confident in all that you do. 

Speaker: Purdy Smith, Project Lead, The Wellbeing Project

Breakout session F

Creating and living an authentic legacy: how to be agile, adaptable and perform at your best

Wherever you are on your leadership journey, pressure and stress can become part a regular part of your life. By developing emotional resilience, you can learn how to become bulletproof, take on challenging situations, fully focus on achieving your goals and be the best that you can be.

You’re already clever, talented and confident. Why not gain the edge, stand out, and really succeed by adding emotional resilience to your skill set? Find out more in this dynamic session.

Speaker: Dr Geetu Bharwaney, Managing Director, Ei World