28th February, Leeds | 20th March, London

Breakout sessions

We will be running four fantastic breakout sessions at Women into Leadership Healthcare. In order to allow delegates to tailor their day around their own needs and aspirations, everyone in attendance will be invited to sign up to their choice of breakout sessions.

Delegates will be invited to attend 2 of the 4 sessions on offer:

A or B:

Breakout session A

How to build great relationships: overcoming the behaviours holding you back

The two most challenging things to deal with in life is yourself and others.  What would it be like if you were given a tool that would elevate all your relationships?  What would be possible for you in your business and personal life?  During this interactive session, we will begin to look at the self-imposed barriers that we put in place that hold us back, discover new ways of being and actions that we can take, that will give us different results with ourselves and others.

Elaine Powell, Peak Performance & Communication Expert, SWC Training & Consultancy Ltd

Breakout session B

Presenting with impact: building confidence with communicating (beginners)

"It’s not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages" - William Carlos Williams (American Poet).
In this session “Presenting with Impact”, Cath Baxter uses her extensive experience as Head of Voice at one of the UK’s leading drama schools to deliver tools that resonate in the business world. Her audience will experience the 5 essential steps that will quickly add greater impact to their verbal and physical communication, and allow them to develop their public speaking skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Cath Baxter, Professional Voice & Public Speaking Coach and Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

C or D:

Breakout session C

Networking with confidence: creating rapport, respect and relationships

Like it or loathe it, effective networking is key to a building a successful and sustainable career. The ability to connect, influence and build strong relationships is what enables people to thrive. This breakout session will build on your communication skills, increase confidence, create an elevator pitch, learn how to networking effectively and build rich relationships and connections.  It will also incorporate a speed networking session, to have fun whilst you practice all that you have learnt during the session.

Elaine Powell, Peak Performance & Communication Expert, SWC Training & Consultancy Ltd

Breakout session D

Impact and gravitas for women: the importance of language choices and delivery style

In this lively and interactive session we will look at the importance of your language choices and how language is intertwined with status. We will discuss how to avoid apology mode and how to use  language of certainty not doubt. Learn about the accept and build technique to find your voice in difficult meetings and get your point across clearly and concisely using the best language choice and delivery style.


Health & Care Women's Leaders Network